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More Underaged Kids Drinking Overwatered Beer: A Weekly Roundup From The Tips Forum

We get many fantastic tips in our inbox and from the #tips forum. Some are not so great. These are some of those #tips we specifically overlooked or ignored. All apologies.

smfiv sends along his snap of a young lad in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, nursing a Miller Lite. You're off the hook for now, Philadelphia.


Can anyone help spencermmpurhpy?

4 oclock sportscenter....what the fuck is wrong with cindy brunson's face?

Hit Bull Win Steak kicks a portion of our audience in the nards by highlighting this Hartford Whalers 2010 Draft cap for sale.

JohnnyDakotaStateU brings us a link to months' worth of Touchdown Jesus photoshops, both before and after its god-ordained burning.

desi6969lover has some shots of Rasheed Wallace hanging out at E3. Now we know why he went 0-7 from the field in game 6: busy dreaming about the Nintendo 3DS. And who can blame him?


harlemite has a horse racing announcer freaking right the fuck out over Zenyatta keeping her unbeaten streak alive. So, between harlemite and that announcer, that's two people who still care about horse racing.

GracieAteMyChild manages to bring a 2006 Deadspin post and the Real Housewives of New York together, like peanut butter and chocolate. Let's laugh at him for his pop culture knowledge.


Thanks for the #tips. Keep them coming, and we'll keep laughing at the crap you think is news.

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