Beating Lebron James in a game of H-O-R-S-E is probably one of them: David Kalb, 26-year-old from Ohio did just that: “After I beat him, he’s like ‘best of three, right?’” Kalb said. “I could tell he was frustrated. After missing a couple of easy ones, he hit the ball in disgust.” [The Big Lead] • Blue Jays fans are the worst: "I have to say, (I'm) very disappointed in the crowd of 21 and a half thousand people that when Travis Snider came to the plate for his major-league at-bat at home — nothing. Quiet, polite applause, no different than the applause for Lyle Overbay or Marco Scutaro ... you know what? And I mentioned to somebody before off the air and they said, 'That's what you get in this city. People just don't understand.' And I try my best not to give in to the people who say Toronto's not a baseball-savvy town and the fans don't understand baseball and you know, whatever. But that showed me something. And that was just terrible — terrible! Everyone who was at the ballpark tonight should be ashamed of themselves for not giving Travis Snider a better welcome to the big leagues."[Out Of Left Field] • A soccer brawl like no other: "In short - fan jumps on field. Fan gets caught by stadium security. Stadium security overuses weapons. Stadium security, in turn, gets pummeled by fans and players alike." [Joe Sports Fan] • Manny being tranny: "Angel Berroa homered on Wednesday night, his first since ‘06. Even though he’s mostly a Spanish speaker, he was interviewed on FSN after the Dodgers’ win. One caveat however: he had Manny Ramirez — the two instantly became friends when Manny arrived in LA — translate the interview for him. As you could imagine, pure hilarity ensued." [Larry Brown Sports]