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Morning Blogdome: Alyssa Milano ... And Why Not?

Nice uniform: Alyssa Milano is not content with being the hottest female fan clothing designer in just one sport. We eagerly await her line of NHL earmuffs. [Zone Blitz] My heart feels pretty good, actually: Baseball is designed to break your heart. Unless you hate the Red Sox. [Baseball Card Blog] The most gripping film ever made about VORP3: Moneyball: The Movie? Apparently, it's a go ... with Brad Pitt as Billy Beane? Please let Clooney be Giambi. Please. [Dirty Laundry] Is the Pope a chop blocker?: Is Hines Ward a cheap shot artist? They are totally going to take his name off that field. [Black Sports Online] John Belushi for Donuts?: The craziest sports endorsements of all time. You had me at "Hello, I'm Wally Joyner." [On 205th]

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