has seen the photos. You're in big trouble now.

Whitetail deer, jerks: Barry may have found his post-baseball career hunting whitetail in Canada. Oh, he doesn't need that gun. [You Been Blinded] • Don't get us started on the fans: J.J. Redick is not happy with his playing time. Yeah, I don't think the Magic are too thrilled with your time on the court either. [Rumors And Rants] • The Ghost of Kerry Collins: The Giants-Ravens game on Sunday is an excellent opportunity for New York fans to re-live the horror of Super Bowl XXXV. If Ray Lewis still makes you wet your pants, you might want to look away. [NYGMen] • Right where he breathes: Tennessee wants former Vol (and former Dallas Cowboy) Bill Bates dead. They want his family ... dead. They want his house burned to the ground. They want to go there in the middle of the night and pour Jack Daniels on his ashes. [Chomped and Screwed] • What are you doing, Dave?: First, I don't think it's possible to have a "trick" play in soccer, and even if were, it would help if you could actually get a goal out of it. [The Offside]