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Morning Blogdome: Beware of Titsworth the Licking Boxer

Apparently there was some interesting action in last night's untelevised undercard. "In a strange sequence, Nevada’s Jesse Vargas (2-0) was kissed on the ear and licked on the face by the much taller Trenton Titsworth (2-3) as they grappled for space. Vargas took offense at the smooch and punched him as the referee broke up the hugging. Titsworth hit the canvas hard from the punch and referee David Denkin deducted one point from Vargas and two for Titsworth for holding behind the head and another for unsportsmanlike conduct. Vargas won by unanimous decision 39-34 in the junior welterweight bout." [The Sweet Science via Ring Report] • Each week Ridebuyer delves deep into the misunderstood, oft terrifying, world of American saloon-car racing known as NASCAR. This week: Talladega. [Ridebuyer] • David Wright had an impressive overbite in his younger days. [Ladies Locker Room] • This morning I mentioned my desire to see a Guinness Tap for my USB port. This is probably as close as we're going to get. [The Raw Feed] • First Georgetown and now USC. "An outbreak of what is being described as a 'highly contagious gastrointestinal virus' has hit the USC campus, leaving at least 75 students in the hospital for treatment." [Sports By Brooks] • Drew woke up this morning wondering to himself, 'how can I embarrass myself today?' Then he did this. [KSK]


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