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Morning Blogdome: Can You Wait Another 91 Minutes? knows your sister.

What's this about rain?: Baseball writers—not that creative. They're also not very original, either. [Wrigleyville23] They should get a 3-minute minor for that: They play hockey a little differently in Boston—mostly because the face off circles at the Garden were painted in the wrong spot. [Bruins Blog] Are you thinking of a different Daunte Culpepper?: Either England knows something we don't or they really need to brush up on their American football. Maybe the NFL quarterback situation really is that desperate. [Tao of King Hippo] Change of habit: Croatian nuns invest $4,500 in their favorite soccer team, then immediately start a drunken brawl with rival nuns. [The Beautfiul Game] Masticate the proclamation, my brother: Troy Aikman's talking is not ... how you say ... good. Don't forget: he's the well-spoken former Cowboy, so you can only imagine what those huddles were like. [Commonsense Manifesto]


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