Morning Blogdome: Canucks Terrified By Scary Costumes, Binge-Drinking During Silver And Black Tailgate

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8 Canadians infiltrate the black heart of Raider Nation: "Given the fact we were eight docile Canadians in a place Wikipedia calls “one of the most dangerous of large cities in the United States,” we decided it prudent to load up on a little liquid courage before we ventured into the heart of Raider Nation. This was accomplished with a team shotgun. One problem: we over-chilled the beers, a classic mistake. For all the youngsters out there, chugging should be done at below-normal temperatures. Ignore this advice and risk serious brain freeze. Oh, and don’t drink until you’re 19. It’s the law, etcetera." [Orland Kurtenblog] • Lance isn't the only one coming back: American cyclist Floyd Landis also plans to return, aiming for a 2009 return. Maybe this time, he'll back off the beer-and-Jack-Daniels combo shots. That's what put him over the top at the Tour de France, right? [Steroid Nation] • Bill O'Reilly wants some one-on-one time with Obama: "At the end of tonight’s interview, and one of the most enjoyable parts, O’reilly had a question for the Senator outside of the political arena: how many points would Obama spot him on a game of one on one? Obama answered ten! Watch the video for yourself and see these two enjoy a little Miller Time." [MachoChip] • Here's what happens when you dial Anna Rawson's cellphone number: "It's Anna basically doing a phone blog explaining where she is and what she's been doing. But there's something really bizarre about her voice coming out of my cell phone.That part wasn't so entertaining, but then there was option 3. If you have some time to kill, these can be entertaining. Overall though, they're pretty bland, and it's people either just telling her she's hot, or that they hope she continues to improve her golf game. " [Real Clear Sports]