But, dude, what about Foghat being the Bob McAdoo of classic rock?: "What really damaged sports journalism (probably irrevocably) is the concept of sportswriters becoming TV personalities. Every one of the guys who made the jump from print to TV immediately became a bad writer. The only possible exception is Frank DeFord. It’s so fucking crazy. I don’t understand it at all. What kind of person would rather be on TV when they could still be a writer? That’s like giving up the guitar to become a hand model." [Mouthpiece Blog] • Catching up with the 7th Floor Crew: Marvelous Marvin Henderson, the author and producer of the infamous session, reminisces about that day fondly. Who was he most impressed with? Current Bears' tight end Greg Olsen: “Greg is like, out-of-town, straight-up white boy, so he was the most surprising guy on the track.” [The Alligator] • NCAA still confused about this whole blogging thing: "Reporters at Kirk Ferentz's news conference Tuesday were handed a surprise by Iowa officials: A notice detailing conditions and limitations of the NCAA Blogging Policy." [The Wiz of Odds] • Chris "Mad Dog" Russo returns: Some footage from his first day as a Sirius/XM lone wolf loudmouth. At least he's not crying this time. [ReelSports]