2 minutes for WTF: We're just a couple of pro hockey players, out on the town in Buffalo, wearing sandals, grabbing each other's balls. Nothing to see here. [My Safety Is Harvard]

Finally: Ken Dorsey is back bitches! Taste it! [Rumors and Rants]

That's a lot of ankle tape: Pierre Banks has started more college football games than anyone in history. And he's won three national titles. So that's not a bad career, right? [App Fan]

Psycho indeed: I believe the phrase you're looking for is "Shit or get off the pot, Tyler Hansbrough." [Rush The Court]

Laces cost extra: Nike will give you a $100 gift card if you can do what a giant multinational corporation can't and track down this woman for them. Wow! $100? That's almost enough to buy one pair of shoes! [Vent About Sports]