Devin Harris vs. Stuart Tanner: Missed this yesterday, but it is quite enjoyable. Stuart Tanner, a " London playground legend", puts a move on Harris that just makes the Nets' point guard look silly. [ Ball Don't Lie via True Hoop]• Jessica Simpson would like Tony Romo to make her six babies: She has a lot of love to give as well: “Even if things don’t work out between Tony and me — though, knock on wood, I believe they will — I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said. That’s just how I love. I’m all in and I live one moment at a time. If I’m happy, I’ll talk about being happy. Maybe I do talk too much, but I still feel as if I’m holding back." [The Zone Blitz] • Midnight Blog Madness: Yes, this is impressive — a short paragraph about every single college basketball program out there. [The Grand National Championships] • Former professional female soccer lady changes careers: She's now a card-carrying member of the adult film industry. Congrats. [Unprofessional Foul] somewhat NSFW)