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Morning Blogdome: Did Something Happen In Philadelphia?—It's what's for dinner.

Also stops pit bulls: It's the perfect gift for your maverick backup goalies. Don't expect them to bailout your defense, though, because that's socialism. [WestWord] • There's no justice like mob justice: LSU fans are very exited to see Nick Saban this next weekend. They even switched to throwing lite beer bottles, because they know he's watching his carbs. [The Sports Point] • About that horse head: The Devils tell the city of Newark that they aren't going to pay rent on the arena the city built for them, and now that they think about—maybe the city owes them some money. And if they have to send Vinny and Saul down there to collect ... let's just say that you don't want to make them send Vinny and Saul, understand? [Fanhouse] • Somehow Favre is still starting?: What if all our presidents formed a football team? Mini-Ditka 490, Presidents 3. [Bleacher Report]


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