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Morning Blogdome: Donovan McNabb Shows Off His Blog Efficiency

McNabb speaks to The 700 Level: Great get for Philadelphia's pride and joy of sports blogfrica (and Deadspin weekend contributor), Enrico Campitelli Jr: "Do I read any other blogs? I don’t. Because mine is so hot. No, you know, I just try to reach out to a lot of the fans who don’t really have a hands on feel of the type of person that I am. I think it’s great for a lot of the fans to get an understanding of us as players." [The 700 Level] • 32 songs for NFL Teams: I'm still a little confused about why the Giants get the theme from "Boy Meets World." [The Angry T] • They make 'em tough in Cuba: A Cuban wrestler apparently took on six police officers in a scuffle in Oregon. Five of the officers were slightly injured. [MachoChip] • Michael Vick's baby's clothes now being used to pay bills: Imprisoned Falcon's quarterback continues to get his comeuppance for dog fighting. [Black Sports Online]


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