A-Rod, His Wife, and Lenny Kravitz walk into a Madonna concert...: So, you're Alex Rodriguez, attending a Madonna concert with your wife and you say to yourself, "God. Madonna. She's really brawny and inspiring. I wish I could talk with her and just figure out how she does it." And you're Cynthia, just rockin' back and forth, holding on to your caramel-looking baseball superstar and she sees..."Hey, is that Lenny Kravitz? I loooove him. God, I wish I could just go to Paris with him and figure out my life..." Then things fall apart. In an instant. [Don Chavez]

So, CC, how's it feel to get your first win without your periods?:Six-innings. Five his.Three runs. Five walks. Five strikeouts. How do you interpret that line, CC? "I had a bunch of emotions going through my head. Just from the fans and the electricity they brought to the stadium, I think it just got me a little too excited. My bullpen I rushed through just ready to get to the game and ready to get things going. And I think that's the reason you saw me be so erratic today." [JS Brewers Blog]

Sister Christians, the time has come: You can't walk into a locker room these days without tripping over a prayer circle. The thing is, some of these "Christian" athletes do things that Jesus would have a total shit- fit about. Here's a list of some of the most hypocritical holy rollin' athletes out there. [Holy Taco]

You're under arrest/U.S.A.: At what point will watching the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team be a federal offense? Well, put it this way — if you're having impure thoughts about anyone other than Alicia Sacramone, you might be a redneck. Or a pedophile. Sorry. One of those. [Boosh Magazine]