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Morning Blogdome: Drinking With Presbyterians On A Boat Makes For A Righteous Tailgate

Spencer Hall joins the Vol Navy for game day: "Presbyterians are sensible people who allow for a drink, and would surely as a church approve of spending Saturday on a boat getting responsibly tipsy before walking down the dock and watching a football game. That's the whole idea until you get on the boat, which is relaxing to begin with, and then have a beer ... and note the stunning angle of the sun on the water, and the attractive women dancing on the massive houseboat across from you, and the fact that hey, the game's on the television, which is right here on the boat, and thus keeping me in this plush white leather seat on this boat, with the beer, and the ladies, and the delicious pulled pork barbecue sandwiches, and the astonishingly friendly Tennessee fans who, while barbarians in the stadium, are doing their best imitation of Tennessee Tourism Officials by offering you everything but the keys to the boat." [The Sporting Blog] • Ben Johnson's non-yellow eyes are smiling: The original track star doper climbs out of his hole for a brief interview with the Globe and Mail. He's happy. He's writing a book. He doesn't have yellow eyes. [Steroid Nation] • Cole Hamels for NL CY Young: "As we can see, Hamels averages nearly a third of an inning more (doesn’t sound like much, but it’s not nothing), has a lower ERA and WHIP, and strikes out more and walks less. The only mark against Hamels is the home run rate, but he’s a fly ball pitcher and Webb is a ground ball pitcher, so that’s to be expected." [Crashburn Alley] • Angels' John Lackey pregames like a 12-year-old "Right before I go out, a couple hours before the game, I usually have a little peanut butter and jelly and a couple of Red Bulls. Then I’m good to go. I usually go with wheat bread for the PB and J. But no toasted bread. That would take too much effort." [SoCal Sports Hub]


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