Morning Blogdome: Emmitt Does Not Appreciate The Distruthfulness Of The Book

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Emmitt Smith will not be buying "Boys Will Be Boys": "I was sort of curious how this whole show would fly, because Smith is one of the few Cowboys who refused to speak with me for “Boys Will Be Boys.” While working on the book I contacted his representatives on multiple occasions; asked through friends of friends; so on and so on—and was told that, these days, Smith only talks to book authors if he’s paid handsomely. Perhaps I would have found this to be surprising were I not warned ahead of time by myriad ex-Cowboys that the post-NFL Smith had become gallingly greedy and self-centered. “Emmitt being Emmitt,” they’d say. Oh, well. I moved on."[Jeff Pearlman] • Pete Rose is quite the muse: A T-shirt of Rose grabbing his crotch with "I'm sorry I bet on baseball" written on the side is now catwalk-ready. [Hypebeast] • Erin Andrews flips off Hurricane faithful: "For a few moments, I was poised to take over and drive the Erin Andrews bandwagon. But minutes later, she reminded the crowd where she had gone to college. After performing a few chomps, she turned, completely unprovoked, towards the Miami crowd. With the cameras off she flashed Miami’s signature U, and turned it upside down into two middle fingers." [The Fantanalysts] •Basketball Hall of Fame recognizes some its overlooked. Kind of.: "According to the Globe article, which relies on comments made by John Doleva, the president of the Hall of Fame, this special review committee will only review “the qualifications of candidates from Historical Black Colleges and Universities.” [The Black Fives]