Octagon not included: How would you like to own your very own mixed martial arts league? Grab your checkbook because everything at Elite XC must go! [Lt. Winslow] Is it the shoes?: The greatest hoops sneakers ever. Look, I chose Buster Browns and I stand by that. [Bleacher Report] Mr. Clutch?: Derek Fisher: Good shooter or greatest shooter? I think this is the definition of "small sample size." [Kornheiser's Cartel] Snuggly, too: Forget "who's next?" Who's soft? John Daly always seemed very huggable. [Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch] Up, Up, Down, Down, Power Off: Michael Jordan has made some questionable endorsement deals in his life, but none are quite as ridiculous as this video game. They must have used the Konami Code for unlimited suck. [Mental Floss]