Men with balls is the new black: I have no idea whether this is fake or not, but at least it's more entertaining than most real soccer. [VOOT] • Yao wish he was a little bit taller: If only Yao Ming was 7'7" and not 7'6", this dunk might have looked a little different. But alas, he was an inch short. (That's what she said). Enjoy the music. [Tirico Suave] • Scary blog banners: This one might win simultaneous awards for Nightmare Banner of the Week and Best Gloating for an Expected Win. [EDSBS] • Marathon is a crappy business: Loading up on carbs and running 26.2 miles is bound to create some urges. Today's New York City Marathon has got it covered. God forbid Staten Island should smell bad. [Sports by Brooks]