America's future hangs in the balance: It's Lindsay Soto vs. Jill Arrington in the "...Would you do?" championship. The town hall debate portion of this race was electrifying. [The Big Picture] • Boston fan sues over rights to crappy Bon Jovi song: Samuel Bartley Steele, of Chelsea, says that Bon Jovi's song mirrors his 2004 ode to the Red Sox, "(Man I Really) Love This Team." How much is he asking for in this suit? Oh, $400 billion. [Red Sox Monster] • The Florida Panthers show their desperation: Hey free tickets! The promotion advises that: "It may be your first game, but it won't be your last." The small print goes onto say that the invitation is "good one time only" and that the program "will remain in effect until everybody in Florida experiences the excitement of a Panthers game at least once." [James Mirtle] • Madden video game glitches through the years: Where 116-yard field goals are possible. [On 205th]