Vote!Jump around: Colorado State alumnus Joey Porter is a little excitable. It takes real talent, though, to get a 15-yard penalty when you aren't even on the team. [Denver Post]• Sack the vote: If you're voting in Florida tomorrow, you may have a chance to vote for Peter Boulware for the State House of Reps. And if you don't—well, don't complain when you get blindsided coming out of the voting booth. [The Sports Point] • Speaking of ...: Here are some other interesting athlete-politicians. And by "interesting" we mean "how did that guy ever get elected?" [Mondesi's House] • Take the money and run: Mike Leach has made a winner out of Texas Tech, so he should probably just skip town and start over with freakin' Washington. Or better idea—I hear Arena Football is an up and coming sport. [Kornheiser's Cartel] • Is this the end?: Uh, Capitals ... what ... is with ... the horn? Did Ovechkin just score a goal or launch a nuclear strike? [Stet Sports]