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Morning Blogdome: Kimbo Slice's Son Didn't Handle the Loss Very Well

Uh, dude, yer like 30?: This is what it looks like when you watch your father get trounced by a man with pink hair. [Black Sports Online] • Charles Rogers' judgment day: "The Detroit Lions have won a judgment against former receiver Charles Rogers, who must now repay the club roughly $8.5 million." [The World of Isaac] • Kings rookies prove they, like the Rockets, can rock the body that rocks the party: Not to be outdone by the Houston Rockets rookies, the Sacramento Kings rook's show off their own dance moves for the camera. Still no fox-trotting. [Ball Don't Lie] • Eric Karros agrees with Tim McCarver about Manny: "If I was a teammate of (Ramirez's) in Boston, that'd be a tough call," said Karros, a 14-year major-league veteran, 12 of those season with the Dodgers from '91 to '02. "I probably would have confronted him. But if I'd been a teammate of his for maybe seven or eigh tyears and seen what he was allowed to get away with, it wouldn't be my place to confront him, because it was the organization that had created the monster by then. My experience in Chicago with Sammy was, if you want him to be something else at this point, after letting him do all that for so long, then you're the dummy." [Farther Off The Wall]


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