It's in a landslide!

Thanks, but no thanks: Yeah, the last thing the Cubs want to do now is add another all-star caliber pitcher to their roster. They like Jake Peavy too much to put him through that. [Luol's Dong] • Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala was unavailable: Two bloggers realize a lifelong ambition by meeting former Pittsburgh Steeler Amos Zereoue. It's all downhill from here, guys. [PSAMP + One For The Other Thumb] • Ha Ha: It only took 16 years, but Johnny Majors has finally been vindicated. Not that he's sayin' that, he's just ... sayin', ya know? [The Sports Point] • Don't go away mad: Meanwhile ... Tennessee fans won't have Phil Fulmer to kick around anymore. That kicking leg is already lonely. [Rumors and Rants] • Maybe he ate one of them?: Chargers tackle Marcus McNeill is the biggest Jonas Brothers fan in the world. Seriously, the guy pushing like 340. He's huge! [Fan IQ]