• Poor Chris Bosh got trapped in his condo's elevator for over 45 minutes, which gave him time to find his inner Bosh and then unleash that bastard for 30/10/7/3 against the Hawks. Hoops Addict asked Bosh exactly what we wanted to: Maybe you could find your way to locking yourself in small spaces before each game? [Hoops Addict]

• We were a little confused by this last night, too; apparently, Pitt doesn't have to worry about trophy deflation due to dropping oil prices as they invented six national championsips for themselves. Trophy envy is so sad. [The 700 Level]

• Bend It Like Bennett's photo essay of last night's game may have some interpretive moments. We approve. [Bend It Like Bennett]

• We have one bit of advice if you're going to be a citizen journalist showing a middle-aged Wisconsin fan being tasered at Camp Randall: get a decent camera phone. [Busted Coverage]

• Anne Heche expands her horizons to include giving Selachimorpha head. Frankly, we don't know what took so long. [The Power Play]