How did they ever see that one coming?: Did Oklahoma State steal their offensive signs from the kids trying to get on GameDay? Maybe sending signals via the blimp would have been less obvious. [College Game Balls] What about my pair of souvenir balls?: Someone (or someones) is scamming collectors and fans with fake Brett Favre game jerseys. This seems like a victimless crime to me. [Sports Collectors Digest] I don't understand your confusion: Sports have stopped making sense? When did they ever start? [Rumors and Rants] We laughed, we cried: Remember when South Florida was ranked No. 2 in the country? Oh man, that was a classic! [Examiner] As the world turns: A shady doctor named in the Mitchell Report has been busted for—surprise!—steroids. Oh, and a little insurance fraud thrown in for good measure. [Steroid Nation]