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Morning Blogdome: Math Is Hard

Manny, paying full attention as always: Larry Brown brings us this amusing screen-grab of a slightly confused Manny Ramirez last night: "It was the top of the third, and Randy Johnson led off the inning by flying out to Manny in left. To repeat, Randy Johnson was the first batter of the inning and had made an out. Check out how many outs Manny flashed to center fielder Andruw Jones after making the catch". [Larry Brown Sports] •Wait, When Did Jocks Start Going to Class?: A look at the role of education in the world of high-stakes hoops: "In future years we will likely see more young men blaze the same trail as Jennings, especially if Jennings shows there is a viable path to professional basketball that does not include a pit stop in college and also provides an opportunity to earn money and get their families out of poor circumstances at an earlier date. The NCAA should either respond to this fast-changing world by letting go of its notion that U.S.-born players should be compelled to attend college for a set amount of years or by enhancing the experience it provides these gifted players." [Money Players] • Should've Smoked Up Instead: Josh Howard of the Dallas Mavericks was busted for speeding late Thursday night: "Howard is facing charges of speeding, reckless driving, and speed competition. Thanks buddy, this is exactly what this team needs right now." [Mavs Moneyball]


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