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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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NY Daily News writer, Ralph Vacchiano, unloads on Jay (and Deadspin): "As for Jay Marriotti, allow me to get down in the mud and muck for a second and say he is a loudmouth moron who is very lucky that ESPN has built a platform for know-nothing, say-anything buffoons over the years, so he and guys like Woody Paige can make oodles of money without displaying any actual talent. His resignation from the Sun-Times, while welcomed by almost everyone in the business, was despicable for the way he went out. He goes to the Olympics and has to write stories for his newspaper’s website, and that all of a sudden makes him realize newspapers are dying? First of all, did he just discover the internet? Newspapers have been making the move towards the web for years, and most reporters have been writing for the web for years. I suspect what really bothered him is that since he had to write for the web, he had to actually work. Instead of one story every few days, he probably had to write several. And update them. And work on deadline, since the internet is 24 hours. I guess that was a little too much for him. Then, instead of leaving with the class he’s never had, he kicks an entire industry when it’s down. Nice." [Bluenatic] • Evan Longoria isn't in the mood for your 'Eva' questions: "I don't... I'm done talking about that. I did it all through the minor leagues. That's all I had to hear was her name associated with mine. I think we're kind of past that. That's all." [Big League Stew] • Is David Ortiz screwing with Chip Carey?: "I watch a lot of Sox games, I listen to even more, I read the newspapers every day and follow the team in multiple formats, so it was with some surprise that I heard Chip Carey last night refer to Dustin Pedroia as “El Caballito.” Carey stated during the broadcast, “How many times over the summer when we saw the Red Sox would we hear about ‘el caballito,’ the ‘little pony,’ Dustin Pedroia…” Um, what?" [The Slanch Report] • Another USC Song Girl mystery: This time, it actually involves a bit more than just a backside flash. [SBB]


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