Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Morning Blogdome: Oh...oh God! OH GOD NO!

• He's back!: And may God have mercy on us all. [Sports Crackle Pop] • And I'm a Sean Ca-thiest!: Some imaginative sign work at ol' Fenway. [The Sports Hernia] • Steve Harvey - The 'Heidi' For A New Generation: "When 8:07 EST rolled around and the TBS broadcast switched not to the Red Sox-Rays game but to a syndicated episode of "The Steve Harvey Show", it's fair to assume that most viewers' emotions took a turn. Casual baseball fans probably thought, "Hey, what the hell?"; dedicated fans of the Red Sox or the Rays probably thought, "HEY, WHAT THE HELL?!"; fans of the comedy stylings of Steve Harvey over baseball probably thought, "All right!"." [Metroville] • Jay Feely Would Like to Give You Financial Advice: That is, if you are a young, multi-millionaire athlete. You are, aren't you? Well, then what the hell have you been doing with yourself? [New York Post]


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