Charlie Hustle's post-career popularity continues to soar: A fan with a speech impediment reveals his run-in with baseball's all-time hits leader at a memorabilia show: " I told him how much I used to love to get up Saturday mornings with my sister to watch 'The Baseball Bunch,'" said Scornerston, referring to a syndicated TV baseball show hosted by Rose's former teammate, Johnny Bench. According to Scornerston, Rose was "clearly annoyed" and responded by mocking Scornerston's lisp, saying, "Did ya thee me on Thaturdayth? With your thithter?' Then just looks away." "I was humiliated. I'm embarrassed just to repeat the story now," said Scornerston, 33. [MLB Fanhouse] • As does Salim Stoudamire's: "Portland's own Salim Stoudamire is a legend in two games like Pee Wee Kirkland. I present to you Salim's high school classmate, Lake Oswego's Cam Lasley aka Laz D, a rapper and Blazers fan who has not allowed Down Syndrome to get in the way of his dream: writing and performing music." [Blazers Edge] • Sorry, man. Here's a link!: "A flood of text messages this afternoon alerted me to my unexpected appearance on the internet. At first, I figured the "Dude, you made Deadspin" comments were in reference to a link to something I wrote on the blog or a picture of a BVK-lookalike. Uh, not quite." [Ben Van Kat] • Deadspin commenters continue to self-employ: FEAST, Sports-pun & Candace Parker Secret Lover have banded together to become a three-headed NBA blog monster. [Low Posts]