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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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That's why I use 'Ice Castles' skate guards: I'm not saying the NHL is desperate for advertising, but ... "Saw V" Goalie Masks? Was Clint Malarchuk unavailable? [Maxim] Irrational exuberance: The Derrick Rose Era has arrived! The game of basketball will never be the same after his dominating performance! In a preseason game. Against the Mavs. Uh ... I guess that counts? [Docksquad Sports] Gone Zaggin': Adam Morrison fans refuse to let the dream die. Where there's a 'stache, there's a way. [Kornheiser's Cartel] Do you have a minute to sign this petition and help teach the Vancouver Canucks what a hooking penalty is? You can't just ignore this problem and hope it goes away. [Orland Kurtenblog] Let it ride!: The best World Series prop bets ... and some that we all wish were real. You have to throw your money away on something, right? [The Angry T]

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