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Morning Blogdome: Sick-Boy, With Tattoos Up And Down His Arms, Don't Ya Know (Oh-ay-oh...)

Wayne Rooney's artistic forearm is something to snicker at:The feisty soccer lad just got hit his forearm all tatted-up and it pays tribute to the Stereophonics album, "Just Enough Education to Perform." Interesting choice. But Rooney's questionable tattoo doesn't even come close to some of the ridiculous body art other athletes have. Robert Swift will be on this list the rest of his life. [The Angry T]

The Oaks Christian High School football team will be loaded with celebrity offspring this year: Vying for the quarterback position this year will be Joe Montana's son, Nicholas, against Wayne Gretzky's son, Trevor Gretzky. And whomever wins the quarterback battle will get the opportunity to throw to...Will Smith's son, Trey. I wonder if those guys will be popular? [Lion In Oil]


So, you're saying this man's involved in waste management and has anxiety problems?: This upstanding gold-chained palooka is obviously vying for the Yankees' third base coach job. Bobby Meacham doesn't need this kind of pressure going into the second half of the season. [Tirico Suave]

Enter the swine: Iowa's new AHL hockey team name? The Chops. Like, the meat. Not like the "Changing Homosexuals Into Ordinary People" action group.Because designing a logo for such an affiliation might be challenging. [Puck Daddy]

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