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Maybe she's the type that runs away from Santa?: At yesterday's White House tee-ball extravaganza, one young player was too spooked to shake the hand of President George W. Bush. Young "Emily from Kentucky" was called over to the President for the requisite post-game photo-op , but chose to high-tail it out of there and hug a fence instead. [The Sports Point]

The Arizona Cardinals are doing everything they can to keep Cowboy fans away: "[T]he Cardinals are requiring fans who want to buy tickets to the Dallas game on Oct. 12 to also buy tickets for the Aug. 7 exhibition opener vs. New Orleans. Cardinals fans have "created a decisive home-field advantage" the past two years, and the team wants to keep it that way by discouraging single-game ticket sales to Cowboys fans, team spokesman Mark Dalton said."[Merkin Sports]


The Swoosh is deadly: Nike is pulling some of its "Air Stab" shoes from Great Britain after several stabbings occurred in the area — including a couple of Nike employees. [Fan's Attic]

Topless lady in Toronto explains herself: She was told the glass was "tinted", apparently. She's also a 26-year-old woman who was hosting a bachelor party event that evening. She does this work to help pay for her grad school costs. She's enterprising, you see. [Slanch Report]

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