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Hands team: Hold on to your suitcases, Denver ... Tatum Bell is back! [Bronco Talk] • Genuine Class: Sean Avery is not afraid to make fun of a fellow player's speech impediment, even if the guy is on his own team. At least you can usually call someone a dick without lisping. [Fanhouse] • Shoot to score, score to win: Nuggets shooting guards seem to have trouble remembering the "shooting" part of their job description. It's even right there in the name! [Denver Stiffs] • Endangered species: If a young star plays for an NHL team in South Florida and no one is there to see it, is he still a star? This a pure hypothetical, of course, because we're not even sure that the Florida Panthers still exist. [New Times] • Do you believe in whatever this is?: Mike Eruzione shoots and scores all over that canvas. Man, I really do not understand modern art. [Goose's Roost]