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Morning Blogdome: The Return Of Weapon 'X'

That's what you call washed up: . "Just one possession after Big Ben coughed up the safety, BDawk sped around the end, and then literally flew to drop the Steelers QB and force a fumble. Roethlisberger was trying to step up to avoid the pressure, and Dawkins had little time to close the gap between them. So he just Superman'd it, getting his body completely horizontal. No doubt this guy still has it." [The 700 Level] • Chris Cooley's post-penis gate plans: "You know what, tonight is a relaxed night. I'm going home, I've got four friends from high school that played football in high school with me, all Mormon dudes, all coming out to my house with my family. We'll probably get out like Uno or Pictionary, we'll have some intense games." [SportsBog] •Is an Ivy League ESPN internship diary war brewing? Apparently.: "So what did I learn from my month in Bristol? I learned all about the ins and outs of professional journalism. I learned about how the most powerful sports media company in the world gets things done. And I learned that, if you hold Mike Greenberg’s keys just out of his reach for long enough, he’ll cry like a puppy. See you next summer, guys!" [Columbia Spectator] • Ed Hochuli's British cousin: "Stephen Hunt, who was kind of sort of but not really awarded the goal, called it "the worst decision I've ever witnessed in football." Reading coach Steve Coppell said that he would be willing to replay the match. It seems like everyone is in agreement: the only person who thought it was a goal was the ref... everyone else is just sort of, well shocked, or calling it an optical illusion." [Views From Life On A Bench]


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