Hold the applesauce: There's a minor league hockey team called the Iowa Chops (as in pork) and their cheerleading squad is called the Baby Backs (as in Sir Mix-A-Lot).

Some might say that's offensive, but did any one think that an Iowa hockey cheerleading team would not be named after meat? [Bob's Blitz via Puck Daddy]


There was throwing all right: Two Belarus hammer throwers have been stripped of their Beijing Olympic medals because of doping offenses. I know how they feel. I ordered two Belarus hammer throwers at the bar last night and I still can't remember how I ended up in that dumpster behind the Denny's. [Steroid Nation]

Not the answer?: Believe it or not, the Allen Iverson in Detroit experiment has not gone that smoothly. [Empty the Bench]


Go ahead and keep that Zune: What ridiculous swag will your college team be taking home from their bowl? A book of carpet samples! [Sox and Dawgs]

No maths, please: Trying to figure out NFL tiebreakers is an exercise in futility. Like trying to figure out the tip at a Denny's at six in the morning. [No Joshin]


That's gotta hurt: Fleshbot has a review of that MMA girlfight porn. Why so violent, ladies? [Fleshbot; not at all safe for work]