Cougar Loose On The Field! Henrietta Rushwaya, the CEO of the Zimbabwe Football Association, is accused of "tiring out" certain members of the Zimbabwe national team before World Cup qualifying matches. Yes, that means what you think it means. [Unprofessional Foul] • Three-way sex is different on the junior hockey circuit: "The occasion came yesterday in this small Eastern Ontario city at Mr. Frost’s sexual-exploitation trial, when prosecutor Melanie Adams bluntly told the court that Mr. Frost had perverted the trust of his then-young charges to have “three-way sex, two-on-one sex with two of his players and their underage girlfriends." [SBB] • Boomer disses Aikman, Aikman responds: "Well, I'm glad Boomer is watching the NFL on Fox. I take great pride in not showing a bias towards any team that I am broadcasting and I'm confident the teams that I have covered over the last eight seasons would agree that I've been balanced and fair with my coverage. Also, I never much got into critiquing other quarterbacks when I played and I don't get too wrapped up in critiquing broadcasters now." [Awful Announcing] • What else is there to do after you make three errors in one inning?: Just pick your nose, apparently. Keep your head up, Rafael! [Blogging Via Typewriter]