is never ever gonna give you up.

• So wise: Did you know that as a former Heisman winner Tim Tebow has a vote in this year's selection? He's even pretending that he would consider not voting for himself. Puhleeeease, let Colt McCoy win by a single vote. [Chomped and Screwed] • Blasphemer!: Wait, someone is predicting that North Carolina won't win the national championship? Is that allowed? [Amphibious Sports Duo] • Heretic!: Wait, someone thinks the SEC is not the best conference in the country? Is that allowed? [You Guessed It] • And maybe give him your car, too: If San Francisco is still not sure what to do with Barry Zito's albatross contract, this is a pretty ingenious solution—just give it to Tim Lincecum. [Home Run Derby] • Brainy Approved: Do you miss the NHL Closer and also have an unhealthy obsession with Smurfs? Today is your lucky day. [Melt Your Face Off] Photo via here