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Morning Blogdome: Tour De France Pulling Out Wind Machine To Boost Interest

Tour De Upskirt: Apparently, the Tour de France coverage suffers a little bit when there's nary a Lance Armstrong or a doping scandal in sight. Instead, the direction is focused on the fake-smiling women who stand atop the grand stand after each leg of the event. Why are all these women dressed like they just came from a cotillion? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Golfer Kenny Perry's backdoor quest for the Ryder Cup team: Interesting theory about Kenny Perry's tournament victories this year — and the ones he's not played in. Rumors and Rants thinks Perry's path to joining the Ryder Cup team is shameful and bad for sports. [Rumors and Rants]


"Message boards are Weapons": Here's an amusing rant from Oklahoman writer Berry Tramel, who likens "message board" users to "peep show" enthusiasts, in the wake of the OU drug scandal hoax. EDSBS likens him to "Gus Chiggins", the Ol' Prospector, which is startlingly accurate. Bull feathers! [EDSBS]

A Billy Packer retrospective: The dismissal of NCAA basketball's tact-averse broadcaster was not surprising, but it is worthy of a look at just how horrifying he was on air on many occasions. [35 Seconds]

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