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Morning Blogdome: Why Can't Wii?

Exit polls say is the most popular choice.

Blah, blah, blah: When you put cheerleaders and video games together the streets will run red with Whitey's blood. You stopped reading after "cheerleaders and video games," didn't you? [Fan IQ] • What's this about Scott Mitchell?: Lions fans are talking themselves into Daunte Culpepper. Wait, which stage is this: Despair or Bargaining? [I'm Writing Sports] • Take the over: There's not much to do today while you wait for election results—so you might as well gamble on the outcome. [Five Tool Tool] • Where's the beef?: I don't know ... I think that "saved by zero" jingle is pretty catchy. [NE Patriots Draft] • There's an easy solution: The Cal Bears seem to have trouble with this whole "being ranked in the Top 25" thing. Shouldn't be a problem after the USC game, though. [The Play In CA]


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