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What did you think "Yankee Clipper" meant?: Did Joe DiMaggio kill JFK? Um ... of course he did. I've been saying this for decades, but does anyone listen to me? Noooooo. [The Serious Tip] • Lemme get my meat slicer: Seriously, what is going on with Drew Brees' birthmark? I think it actually threw two touchdown passes last night. [Central Maine Sports Blog] • No, the other kind: One billion people finally produce two sorta-major league caliber pitching arms and at least one Indian-American could not be sorta prouder. Now pass the tea. [Bugs and Cranks] • We've all been there: And yet another person finally discovers that 14 hours of SportsCenter is maybe a little too much for one day. They're so cute at this age, aren't they? [SFT Sports]