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Debate raged on ESPN Radio into the wee hours this morning over which athlete is more dominant; Tiger Woods or Roger Federer? Then the argument shifted to which team was the most dominant in all of sports history? The 1980s 49ers came up, as the did the '80s Lakers. John Wooden's UCLA basketball teams need to be considered.

But all of these answers are wrong, obviously. The most dominant sports dynasty in history is clearly the Miller Place High School, NY, badminton team.

Miller Place has garnered some renown for being the home of the Miller Place Panthers High School badminton team, which has earned recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest winning streak in team sports history. "The Streak" began in the spring of 1973 and came to an end on April 12, 2005, when the Panthers were defeated in a match by Smithtown High School, 10-5. The Panthers did not lose a single match over a 32-year span that encompassed 504 consecutive victories.


And the great thing about it is that after the loss, Miller Park began another streak; the Panthers have won 26 straight going into this season. Since 1973, they are 530-1. (Members of that one team destined to have their houses perpetually egged for the next 32 years).

Located on the North shore of Long Island, Miller Place is famous for just one other thing; actor Ralph Macchio went to school there.

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