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Mr. Belding Endorses Diamond Dallas Page For Some Twitter Award

Not so long ago I did a kind of hatchet piece on Diamond Dallas Page and his new fangled yoga, called DDP Yoga. Since then, DDP Yoga has proven me wrong. A lot of people really love it! Including Dennis Haskins, who you likely only know as "Mr. Belding."


The endorsement sort of makes sense since, excluding wrestlers, it is virtually impossible to think of a person who has gotten more local mileage out of one character than Haskins has from his Mr. Belding—his twitter account is literally @mrbelding. Haskins, in his dual role as regular human being and fake principal/unlikely confidant to high school troublemakers, has hopped aboard the DDP Yoga train—"he eats it, he lives it, he breathes it"—and decided to nominate him for a Shorty award in social fitness.

Now, I don't know what any of that means but it's happened, as you can clearly see. Anyway, Haskins is totally in support of DDP yoga, especially because of the benefits it has offered a wide cross-section of the American public "from wrestlers today, to civilians in regular life."

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