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Mr. T Scored From Center Ice, And It Might've Been The Greatest Moment In Hockey History

For the second straight Blackhawks game, a Chicago-native celebrity tried his hand at the "Shoot the Puck" intermission contest. But while Monday brought a rambling, possibly drunk Jim Belushi, last night saw a no-nonsense Mr. T show the puck and the United Center who's still the boss.


Resist the urge to fast-forward to the shots; this entire video is gold. From the broadcasters getting legitimately excited as they watch Mr. T eat luxury box food, to the on-ice interview turning into a rant against the necessity of practice, to Mr. T growling and calling the reporter "Savannah." (If we've learned anything in the last two days, it's that Susannah Collins, new to CSN this season, is a pro.)

And then, the shots. It's been 26 years since The A-Team went off the air, but Mr. T remains genuinely loved, and the crowd was so into this. As the first two tries go just left, the disappointment is audible—and echoes exactly what you're probably feeling as you watch the video. And then, the third shot. Collins gasps. The crowd roars. The puck slides nearly through the slot. Pandemonium. Mr. T is a bad man, and the image of him, arms raised in triumph, is sure to replace Bobby Orr against the Blues as the moment that defines the NHL.

The final score was Mr. T 1, Calgary 0.

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