Look who's back: How Brenda Warner is really the one running the NFL. Ha, bet you forgot about her, didn't you? [IDYFT]

No pads required: A English publisher is putting out rugby-themed romance novels for ladies who love a good scrum in the bedroom. [Sports Rubbish]

Don't let the door hit you: The gays are not sorry to see Tony Dungy go, but no word on if they enjoyed watching him walk away. [OutSports]

Scouts honor: An English soccer player gets a contract with a Scottish team after posting a highlight package on YouTube. In other news, Scottish soccer teams are forced to look for players on YouTube. [Off The Post]

Any busted VCRs you want to throw in?: The Japanese and American economies will be strong as long they continue to have aging mediocre players to trade back and forth. [Rumors and Rants]