No time for small talk, lets get busy with week 9. As always, chat about these games, and anything else for that matter, down below.

Miami at Kansas City (CBS): So, what do we think—three weeks before Rod Marinelli starts popping the champagne after each successive Miami loss? Seems to be a fair starting point for the celebration. Also, this is going to become go-to reading for me: "'That's shocking. I didn't know that. I would hope we'd win at least half of those.' - Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford on this team's 7-23 record against winning teams since Tony Sparano's arrival in 2008." [Sun-Sentinel]

Atlanta at Indianapolis (FOX): The best part about this Colts season is that each week every member of the team is forced to answer the same questions posed by the "yeesh, losing Manning really messed you guys up" faced beat writers for that week's opponent. If Jim Caldwell were not a cold blooded lizard, he probably would have snapped by now.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (FOX): Chase Daniel—remember that guy? Anyway, he's now the backup quarterback for the Saints and he's got some super illuminating words of wisdom: "'This is it - November and December football,' he said. 'All the teams that are going to make the playoffs and do well in the playoffs play well in November and December. In college, they say the championship teams play well in November. Well, in the NFL, the championship teams play well in November — and December.'" I feel like that "and" should be italicized for added emphasis. You know he said it that way. []

NY Jets at Buffalo (CBS): Oh, I hope, hope, hope someone decides to play up the pretty-boy USC quarterback against the bearded, man's man Harvard quarterback angle for this game. Nantz and Simms will be our guides for this one so, maybe it will be Nantz. "Now Phil, you were a contemporary of the much flashier Marino but, hello friends, what are those shiny things on your fingers?"


Seattle at Dallas (FOX): If "Cowboys hope Seahawks offer Springboard for season" isn't an indictment of both of these football teams, there's always this: "At home two weeks ago, against a winless team, the Cowboys looked darn good. On the road last Sunday against a struggling but talented team, the Cowboys looked horrible." And this: "'I'd like to think that we could learn something from [the Cowboys loss to the Eagles], but we might have to get a mo-ped or something for our quarterback to ride around in to be like Michael [Vick],' [Seattle head coach Pete] Carroll said. 'Well, maybe, that's probably not right. Call it a Harley or something, all right?'" [AP]

Cleveland at Houston (CBS): The Peyton Hillis backlash is really warming my heart. The guy's only famous because he is a white running back for a terrible team. The lone "bright" spot so to speak. If Cleveland had anything better to talk about, or if he was not an obvious minority at his position, we'd have no reason to talk about him. Except for all the dumb stuff he's been doing lately. [Zanesville Times-Recorder]

San Francisco at Washington (FOX): It's award season speculation time: "There are other quality Coach of the Year candidates, like Buffalo's Chan Gailey and Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis, but [San Francisco's Jim] Harbaugh stands out from the simple fact that the 49ers were 1-6 at this point last season and drowning under Mike Singletary's leadership." Drowning or being baptized, Czarnacki? Ever consider that? [Fox Sports]


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