Myron Rolle Going Pro In Something Other Than Sports (UPDATE)

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Florida State safety Myron Rolle has decided to forgo the NFL Draft and stay in school another year. The school just happens to be Oxford University. (That's a bit of an upgrade, I think.)

As you no doubt recall, Rolle received a coveted Rhoades Scholarship back in November, but is also projected as a mid-second round draft pick. Yesterday, he announced that he will put the NFL on hold to go for a one-year master’s degree in medical anthropology at the prestigious and snooty English school. Of course, he graduated high school early, finished his FSU bachelor's in 2.5 years (he's already working on another master's there) and has junior eligibility, so technically, he's still coming out early and would enter the 2010 draft with his regular class. He'll just be the first player in history to ace the Wonderlic.


So... how did your college career work out for you?

Rolle Is Heading to Oxford, Not the N.F.L. [NY Times]

UPDATE: Two people wrote in to correct me on an important point:

Regarding Myron Rolle and the Wonderlic test. ... Pat McInally, a Harvard grad and Cincinnati Bengal punter, aced the Wonderlic, answering all 50 questions correctly within the 10-minute time period allowed, in the early 1970s. But, never let facts get in the way a good story, Mr. Blogski.


So there you go. My sincerest apologies to Mr. McInally. By the way, it's a 12-minute test and I also spelled "Rhodes Scholarship" wrong. So who's the real dummy?