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Mystery Solved? Arkansas Reporter Was Supposedly Fired For Using Twitter, Not For Her Florida Hat

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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: an unemployed radio reporter and her ex-boss.


Renee Gork's trouble with hats has become national news. To recap, Gork—representing her employer Hog Sports Radio—was attending a press conference for Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino after the team scrimmaged on Satuday. She wore a University of Florida hat and was chided by Petrino for doing so. (Gork is a Florida graduate.) Hog Sports Radio was inundated with calls and emails demanding her dismissal; Gork says she even got death threats. And on Monday, she was fired.


Gork stopped by The Dan Patrick Show today to discuss the situation. But so did her former boss, Dan Storrs.

Gork on why she had the hat on:
"I'm not the type of person [to create a scene]. I respect Coach Bobby Petrino and don't know him very well, but that would not have been my way of trying to get to know him better. … It was raining, I wasn't even thinking about it and I put the hat on, plain and simple."

On how long she kept the hat on:
"I had it on the whole time. The press conference was at the end of the scrimmage. I asked a question and I think I might have been the second or third question … and he answered my question and had a very lengthy answer to it and, at the end, stated ‘And I won't answer any more questions with that hat on.' I thought he was joking. At that point, I put my hat over the Florida emblem kind of joking and that was it. Had I thought he was serious or to the point that it has been made how serious he was, I certainly would've taken it off."

Storrs on why she was fired:
"Well, you know I really can't probably get into great details about why she was fired as I'm sure you can imagine. But I will tell you that you're very, very smart because obviously it wasn't just because of the hat. It might have been a tiny fraction. … Renee came to us with an incredibly good resume and we were very excited to have her because she is very talented. … There were several reasons why she's no longer with us, one of them being the hat. But a very small part of it was the hat."

Gork on why she thinks she was fired:
"In the station's defense that I used to work for, what he told me was that that morning he had received a phone call from one of the top media relations people at the University of Arkansas … Let me rephrase it. He did not tell me, he just told me he received a phone call from him that it wouldn't work out, I wouldn't be welcome. And if I can't cover practice, that was pretty much the reason they hired me. … So I understood where he was coming from, but I just didn't understand the severity of it, the harshness of it. If anything, a reprimand, a suspension or something."

Storrs on whether complaints from the football department helped lead to the firing:
"Obviously the football department wasn't happy about it. Everybody saw the press conference with Coach Petrino. But in no way, shape or form do I want to say that Petrino had anything to do with her getting fired. That seems like it's come out in the national news, that Petrino had something to do with this and that didn't happen."

Storrs on whether Gork broke rules regarding Twitter:
"You can't Twitter during practice. We can't allow employees covering the Razorbacks to get on the Twitter account and say how much she'd prefer to be covering the Gators and things like that. You're just tipping the iceberg on some of the things that happened."


Gork on her Twitter activity:
"You were allowed to Twitter if you stepped outside the grounds and that's what I was told to do. For [Storrs] to say that, he was actually the reason why I set up a work Twitter account because he wanted me to do that. … Basically it wasn't even a tweet-by-tweet. It was stepping out to tweet, save a tweet, send it when I'm gone. I was writing more things down and then tweeting after them.

On whether she tweeted that she'd rather cover Florida:
"I did say [something] on my personal Twitter account, to the people that know me and my friends and family. That's simply because my friends and family are still there. I'm way out here in Arkansas. I moved out here because I fell in love with someone and it would be great to be back in Gainesville. … Whether that exact tweet came out that way, I don't really remember. There was that sort of tweet, [but] it wasn't in that I hate the Razorbacks."

Storrs on whether Gork would've lost her job if "Hat-gate" never happened:
"It might not have happened on Monday, but yes."


Gork on whether she feels like she was fired by the radio station or by Arkansas football:
"Hmmm. I don't know. I think the radio station because they felt like I couldn't do the job they wanted me to do because Arkansas was going to prohibit me from attending practices. I think they kind of work hand-in-hand."

[Editor's Note: That's probably not the type of hat Gork was wearing.]

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