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Who's up for a rousing round of Name That Blue, the logo-color guessing game that only sounds dumb until you realize you've been playing it for 20 minutes?

Name That Blue is the brainchild of Colin Gourlay, a Scottish web developer based in Australia, and it sounds simple enough. Choose your sport: MLB, NBA, NFL, or, as of today, the NHL. Your screen will go a particular shade of blue. You'll be given two choices, and you have to identify which team's blue it is. Given the slight gradations (the NHL's many uses of shades of navy are particularly brutal), it's a lot harder than it sounds.


Then, after you've answered a couple questions, you're given the option of expanding to other colors. Does that gold belong to the Redskins or Saints? Steelers or 49ers? It can be maddening. The quiz goes on forever, so you're about to learn more about logo design subtleties than you knew existed.

[Name That Blue]

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