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Nate Robinson, Getting His Terrible Teams Mixed Up

As if the 85-point lead the YES Network spotted them wasn't enough, the Nets also received help from an unlikely source: Nate Robinson shooting at the wrong basket. (I only say "unlikely" because the shot actually went in.)


As time expired in the first quarter, the Knicks inbounded the ball with half a second left. Nate Robinson, rather than quietly hand the ball to an official, or even chuck a desperation heave 80 feet down the court, decided to show what a good three-point shot he's got when no one is guarding him, and there's nothing at stake. Let's watch.

Though the clock had barely expired, Mike D'Antoni was furious. As you'd expect from a coach whose grease board in the locker room reads "Be terrible, just don't be stupid." No, actually, what the board reads after back-to-back victories over Indy and New Jersey, is "Winning Streak." Seriously.

While D'Antoni said after the game he and Nate were cool, it must be noted that Robinson only got three more minutes of game time after this ill-advised shot.


And, on a brighter note, the Knicks finally have more wins in November, three, than the Yankees. And they're three wins ahead of the Giants and Jets.

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