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Nation Gets Firsthand Experience Watching Blake Bortles, Rejects It

Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

ESPN televised Jacksonville’s preseason game Thursday—a rare national game for the Jaguars—which meant a lot of people who would otherwise never think about Blake Bortles now had to think about Blake Bortles. The general takeaway was Holy shit, this guy’s terrible.

Bortles had 13 only pass attempts in Jacksonville’s 12-8 loss to the Bucs, but some of those were bad enough to merit their own clips. This should be a simple pass in front of Allen Robinson, and instead hits an open receiver in the goddamn feet.


Here’s a pass intended for who the fuck knows:

One lonely Bortles highlight from last night would be the play where the QB avoided a sack and tossed a ball to running back T.J. Yeldon for a couple of yards. His pass on that play was only slightly worse than his regular throwing motion.


Chad Henne, who has completed nearly a decade of successfully lurking in Florida to play pro football at an underwhelming level, received first-team reps. That was allegedly expected. After the game, however, Jags head coach Doug Marrone made it clear that the starting QB position was up in the air:


This isn’t even a particularly bold take, but Colin Kaepernick, right now, would win at least double the number of games Bortles would. Another bolder take: Allen Robinson is going to strangle his QB this season.

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