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National Radio Announcers Just Couldn't Believe The Ravens Let The Clock Expire At The End Of The First OT Period

With all of the changes made to the NFL's overtime rules in recent years, anyone can be forgiven for not understanding some of the basics. But one detail that didn't change is what happens in a playoff game at the conclusion of the first overtime period: the teams move to the other side of the field, but otherwise play resumes exactly where it left off, just like the end of the first and third quarters. It's only now happened six times in NFL history, but it has happened.

All of this was news to Kevin Kugler and Mark Malone, who called Ravens-Broncos for Dial Global Sports and were stunned to discover the Ravens had failed to call a timeout to allow Justin Tucker to kick the game-winning field goal. We've matched up Kugler's and Malone's audio with the video above. Pick it up at the 53-second mark to hear them seamlessly go from total disbelief ("You're kidding me." ... "How is that possible? They had three timeouts!") to Malone's casual explanation of how Tucker would now be kicking into the closed portion of the stadium. Nothing to worry about, folks. These guys understood what was going on the whole time.


h/t to John M. and Eric K.

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