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Nationals GM Jim Bowden Resigns

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Isn't it funny how simply adding a hyphen to "resign" gives you "re-sign," which means the exact opposite thing? So who gets the bonus money for running Jim Bowden out of town?


I kid! The Washington Nationals GM denies allegations that he was involved in an operation to skim money from the bonuses given to Dominican baseball players—a charge that has already cost his assistant, Jose Rijo, his job. Still, Bowden says that it has become a "distraction" and since he can't really do his job effectively anymore—also true!—he will step aside.

"I've become a distraction, and unless you're [unsigned free agent] Manny Ramirez there's no place for distractions in baseball," he said. "I want to be able to turn the page, and I want this franchise to be able to have everybody from the media and the fans focus on what the game is about. It's about players. It's about what happens on the field."

"I am disappointed by the media reports regarding investigations into any of my professional activities," Bowden said in a statement released by the team. "There have been no charges made, and there has been no indication that parties have found any wrongdoing on my part."

Not sure why he took a shot at Manny Ramirez there, but okay. Maybe it's because if he had found a way to sign Manny, Bowden would still have a job.

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